Helping you Find the Best Betting Sites in the UK for 2018

For anyone looking to make the most of the betting industry, the sheer volume of choices available to you can make that pretty hard. It takes a lot of work to make sure you are picking a site that is actually worth your time in terms of betting. We all have our own preferences and choices when it comes to sports and betting, so knowing what to bet on will play a key role in determining what kind of sites you would be best paying attention to. If you are looking to find the best online betting sites in the UK, this page should offer you clarity and detail about what makes the biggest difference.

Without a doubt, though, the challenge of finding the right betting site for you comes down to a wide variety of different factors. Some of the main things that you want to put some time into considering would include:

  • The range of markets that they take on. Do they give you the access to the sport that you know best or love the most?
  • The type of offers that can be made. Do they provide you with free bets or extras? Then you can find an easy way to start making the right kind of bets.
  • The withdrawal and cashing options. To make sure you are taking on a betting site that you can feel comfortable working with, it needs to be variable and easy to work with when it comes to your bets.
  • The site layout and how easy it is to use and make the most of the features and services offered.
  • The type of support that can be provided. Are they friendly and fast? Or do you feel like you’re waiting too long to get a response?
Top 10 Betting Sites in the UK for 2018
Bookie Rating Regulation Extra Bonus Review Site
Bwin Sports Betting Review 5/5 UKGC, Gibraltar ACCA Madness £20 Soon Bet Now
William Hill Sports Betting Review 4.5/5 UKGC, Gibraltar Acca Five Insurance £25 Soon Bet Now
TitanBet Sports Betting Review 4/5 UKGC £200 Mobile Free Bets £50 Soon Bet Now
Betfred Sports Betting Review 4/5 UKGC Acca Insurance £60 Soon Bet Now
Betfair Sports Betting Review 4/5 UKGC, Malta Free Bet Mondays £30 Soon Bet Now
Winner Sports Betting Review 3.5/5 UKGC Football ACCA Club £200 Soon Bet Now
SportingBet Review 3.5/5 UKGC, Malta 1K Cash Giveaway £100 Soon Bet Now
NetBet Sports Betting Review 3.5/5 UKGC £10 Free Mobile Bonus £50 Soon Bet Now
Betclic Sports Betting Review 3.5/5 UKGC Multi+ Rewards £100 Soon Bet Now
Expekt Sports Betting Review 3.5/5 UKGC Mobile Refund £100 Soon Bet Now

How We Choose Them?

How We Choose Them?When it comes to deciding what we believe are the best UK betting sites for you to make the most of, we have so many things to consider and ponder over. One factor that we always feel has to be mentioned and looked into, though, is the importance of cost. Do you get good value with that bookmaker? We will never recommend a bookmaker that cannot give you high-end value. Whether that’s in terms of freebies or in terms of widening the selection options that exist, choosing a betting site should always come down to the importance of value.

Value is so important, but so is quality. We will only recommend betting in the UK for sites that are regulated, safe, and easy to work with. If you want to try and make the most of choosing a betting site, then you want to know that it is safe. We take safety when you are betting extremely seriously and will do everything that we can to deliver a safe and sound answer to you regarding the betting site in question.

We’re going to help make sure that any bets you put on, starting today, are going to be built on making the right kind of decisions.

So, then, with this in mind we’re going to take a look at what the major determining factors should be for you if you are going to start making the most of your betting options online.

What are the most important factors? How can you make sure that you are making an intelligent and fair call about your online betting options? Start off with this and you can very quickly begin to make changes and improvements to the way that your betting will be placed henceforth.

Other Trusted UK Betting Sites
Room Rating Regulation Extra Bonus Review Site
BetWay Sports Betting Review 3/5 UKGC NBA – In-Play Special £100 Soon Bet Now
Betsafe Sports Betting Review 3/5 UKGC, Malta Monday 25% Cash Profit £30 Soon Bet Now
BetVictor Sports Betting Review 3/5 UKGC, Gibraltar £25 Soon Bet Now
Mr Green Sports Betting Review 3/5 UKGC Weekly £5 Free Bet £5 Soon Bet Now
LeoVegas Sports Betting Review 3/5 UKGC, Gibraltar Champions League Free Bet £100 Soon Bet Now

Bets and Bonuses Overview

Bets and Bonuses OverviewOne of the most important parts of being involved with the top betting sites UK is the actual bets and bonuses. Bonuses should always be a major part of any decision that you make, and if you are going to use a bookmaker it should be because they can offer you exceptional value and simple, easy to work with costs.

To start off with, you want to be looking at the kind of bonuses that are offered. The companies we offer come with high quality bonuses, but we also want to make sure that they are offering the right kind of bonuses. Some of the most popular form of bonus are going to be the no deposit bonuses that you get with most betting sites.

These are basically top-up bonuses that give you X% of the money that you put in. When you start up your account, you need to make a deposit and then add in a promo code, most of the time. Once done, you will get to make the most of a nice free bet. However, one issue is that with free bets you tend to need to pay some kind of wager or set amount of bets to pull it off.

For example, you might need to use that free bet on a certain kind of accumulator or on a certain level of bet. It means that if your no deposit bet leaves you with £50, don’t think it’s £50 that you can just randomly tap into whenever you please. It has to be used as a bet, and win a bet, before you can claim that cash for yourself.

Another important part of the process is going to be getting used to dealing with free reloads. Many sites, just like their casino equivalents, will offer a nice little extra for you to make the most of – reloads. It’s usually X back if Y happens, or have a bet made for free if an obvious thing takes place. It’s regular in football matches, for example, where if something takes place you get your bet voided to save you the money being wasted – if it does not happen, then your bet is fine.

For big sporting events and tournaments, you tend to get nice free bets and freebies to throw around, too, which is quite a nice touch. Whatever you decide, you will begin to understand that the challenge and appreciation of finding good bets comes down to what kind of bet it is. Be sure to not think that free bets are immediately giving you money to play with; they tend to have lots of little clauses you need to overcome, first.

However, if a betting site offers a poor variety and quality of options in terms of betting, then we are unlikely to offer them as freebies are extremely valuable.

Concessions in the World of Sports Betting

  • £20 Welcome Bonus
  • £800+ in Free Bets
  • 5 Team Acca Insurance
  • Bet Now!

Concessions are quite rare in the world of betting, but they are something that appears on some of the best betting sites in the UK. This is usually some kind of Buy One, Get One Free style deal – you place X bets and you get your last bet free, that kind of thing. If you are not getting access to concessions, don’t worry about it, but it’s a nice little add-on to throw in there if you want to get access to another extra.

They are quite rare and tend to be fairly complex, but if they are offered it’s a nice extra.

Betting Options and Available Markets

Now, the next most important part of the process should be finding the right kind of betting options so that you can tap into the right markets. Betting options means having as much choice possible when it comes to the kind of bets that you are going to be placing. Betting options and available markets are a very important issue, but it’s more than certainly something that you should look to better understand.

For example, do they cover the sports that you want? Many bookies today cover major sports such as football, basketball, cricket, tennis, rugby, boxing, MMA, racing and many more niche events. You want to be working with a betting site that can give you as much variety as possible. To get the most for your money you need to spend a lot of time understanding those available markets as soon as you possibly can.

However, please keep in mind that some of the best online betting sites UK also take bets on crazy things. From who Steven Gerrard might manage to the chances of Andy Murray getting Scotland independence, you want to be working with a best betting site UK that has the fun to be variable in their ideas.

The more open they are to bets that are a bit creative, the better! Make sure that you take the time that you need to begin to learn, understand and appreciate the various betting options and available markets you would normally consider.

It’s a big issue to deal with most of the time, but understanding the challenge of betting options and available markets can be a very useful feature. So long as they cover the main sports that you want, then fair enough; but don’t accept a lack of options for nothing.

Mobile Gaming and Live Betting

Mobile and Live BettingThe next part that we want to look at is the importance of a good quality mobile gaming and live betting option. If you turn up to a betting site in the UK it should be able to give you access to a mobile edition that you can use whenever you like. The immense quality of mobile gaming should not be left behind – with the right approach and the correct style, a mobile gaming option can make life so much easier for you in the long run.

Mobile gaming and live betting, then, should definitely be something you consider. Live betting means being able to place events mid-game, which some bookies do not offer. If you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, then you should almost certainly look to use live betting. It’s good to be able to bet with a changing in circumstance. From a quickfire goal putting the whole prediction on its head to making sure you can get in on that player about to bag his hat-trick, you can find that mobile gaming and live betting is a very easy way to make an extra layer of enjoyment in your betting experience.

Cashing Out

Another big factor to consider here is the importance of how you cash out. Take a look at the way that you take part in your betting – will you be using Western Union? Credit Card? PayPal? Most don’t offer the last option but if they cannot give you options to things like Skrill and Credit Card then you should definitely keep looking around. The most important part of cashing out if making sure that you are getting the best value and a good time on your withdrawals. Work with the sites and see what suits your own needs better.

Obviously, the quicker it can be the better it is for everyone. Make sure that you are going to be getting involved with cashing out on a fast and active basis. There is literally no reason to get involved with a betting site that cannot offer you much in the way of options. If you cannot use your preferred option, then you should look to find someone who can. Nothing matters more than safety and security in your withdrawals and transactions, so make sure that you take the time to understand and appreciate this – the more comfortable you can feel, the better.

Transactions and Winnings

Another important part of your time using any kind of betting side is going to be making the most of the various forms of transactions and winnings that you can get. Make sure that the company has a reputation for actually paying up. Some betting companies can get a reputation for being hard to deal with when it comes to claiming those winnings of yours!

Make sure that you do your reading into how they manage the withdrawal process and how quickly transactions can be dealt with. In terms of getting the best experience, ensure winnings are cleared within 48h.

Safety, Security and Speed

  • £50 Welcome Bonus
  • £200 Mobile Loyalty Free Bets
  • Football ACCA Club
  • Bet Now!

Now, the last part we want to look at comes down to security. How fast is the site? Slower sites tend to be less well managed and thus they can really give you case for concern. If they feel slow and clogged, then you are left with a problem – a site has to feel nice and quick if you want to get the most out of it.

Also, how fast is the support? Send a question in asking something about transactions or investment, and you can find out just how well drilled their staff are when it comes to giving you genuine answers about their product. If they feel like they cannot give you enough information – or support feels especially slow – it might be worth going somewhere else. The best companies are secure and safe, and are not slow about giving you the help and answers that you need.


Overall, this should make it easier for you to pick the best UK betting site for you. All it takes is a bit of work and planning, and using the list we have provided for you, to make sure that you take the right pick and selection regarding what you feel is most important.

Never, though, take on a company that cannot offer you good free bets and excellent value, as well as fresh and fair understanding of their support, terms, offers and selections. If they have a fast and easy to work with mobile section, too, then you will get all the help that you need to make sure you start using the best betting sites 2018 in the UK.

Now, rather than wasting your time dealing with frustrating sites that lack quality or consistency, you can move up to dealing with the best in the business to really satisfy those urges!